Faculty Achievements

Faculty Achievements


Faculty Profile

The teaching faculty of Vaishno College of Engineering is a team of highly qualified and dedicated Person.It is a blend of experienced hands and young energetic members.

The mile stones achieved by the faculty are:-

(a)Five faculty members are pursuing Ph.D,three regular all from NITs and two part time.

(b)Mr. jatinder Kumar, Mr. Anuj Sharma, Mr.Ashok Garg,Mr. Avikar Sharma,Ms.Sukhkirandeep Kaur and Mr. Abhilash Sharma have  authored books in their respective subjects.

(c)Mr.Abhilash Sharma has been selected as an evaluator in an international Journal.

(d)The Following faculty members are regularly getting their papers published.

Dr.Vishvakarma,Dr. S.k Sapolia, Mr. Abhilash Sharma , Mr. Avikar Sharma , Mr.Bhuvnesh ,Mr.Anuj,Mr.Prabhjot,Ms.Vandana Mahajan,Mr. Prakash Kumar,Mr.Mohit Vaid ,Mr. Mohit Sharma and Mr. Amlesh Sharma.

(e)Mr. Abhilash Sharma ,Mr. Avikar have recently attended Faculity development programmes in IIT Roorki and IIT Delhi .